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Author: Superior Roofing and Gutters

I started this company over 20 years ago, after 10 years in the Navy as a submariner, where I learned the discipline and attention to detail that would be the foundation of this business.​ Originally, I was just doing gutters until I began to notice things I didn't like about the roofs I was seeing, and developed a passion for roofing.​During this 20 years my team and myself have done hundreds of roofs, gutters, sidings, overhangs and have developed our own unique product, style and approach to service the good people around the greater Tyler area.​ Whether you're a commercial property owner, home owner, residential builder, or industrial builder, when you hire us, it's all hands on deck. We aren't your average roofing guys, we have experience under our belt, and we want to pass that along to you and get the job done right.

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